We have created many solid models in PRO ENGINEER of various Material handling & Process equipments like Scissor Platform, Test rig for contactors etc.
We are capable of digitising large volumes of manual drawings into CAD drawings.
We take up jobs of converting CAD drawings into solid models and Re-engineering the same.
We have developed a library for blocks in CAD. The library comprises of standard items such as Motor, Coupling, Gear boxes, etc. of various sizes & Capacities.
We develop various Application Programs through LISP.
Few of the Softwares are for determination of capacity & other details of cyclone, conversion of Bill of Materials in CAD into Excel Worksheet. etc.,
We have developed various software for animating Material Handling equipments (scissors platform etc.,) for better clarity & understanding the function and design of the equipment.
11 Nos. of Latest Systems with LAN
A1 size Design Jet Plotter
Color Printer A4 Size
5 Kva UPS
A Good small library with latest standards
Broadband Connection
Lap Tops- 1 Nos
AutoCAD-2009, Auto CAD LT 2011, ZWCAD 2012
Building Desing Suit Premium - 2016
STRUDS (Civil Structural Analysis)
ADT (Architectural Desk Top-2009)
Windows 7 OEM (64 Bit).